The Passion Fruit

Every individual’s success depends on how well they are connected to who they are and what they are best designed to achieve. Unfortunately even after identifying one’s passion and potential not many people have the resources to follow their chosen path. The Passion Fruit foundation was set up in 2017 in partnership with ISEAF (Indian Students’ Educational Aid Foundation) to empower bright yet needy individuals to follow their dreams. The stories of a few youngsters we have supported across their different fields of interest - from arts and music to different sports - are shared below.


Tanuja Tulsidas Gawade

Athletic from a young age, Tanuja has won several accolades in track and field events especially in high jump and long jump. She has continued to demonstrate her potential through her recent string of successes in a series of inter-collegiate events, and has won these despite participating barefoot. Eagerly hoping she reaches ever increasing heights, the Passion Fruit foundation has chosen to support her and has taken the first step by sponsoring a track and field sports kit.

Nikita Naik

Nikita, the daughter of a sawmill labourer is a gritty all-rounder. When we met her she had already participated at the district and state level in athletics, was studying for her 12th standard boards and was simultaneously following her passion in music. Seeing she had only basic formal musical training, we sponsored her enrolment into a reputable music academy and purchased her a new guitar to help her hone her prowess. Nikita continues to work hard in all her fields of interest.

Shubali Gaonkar

Shubali is the daughter of a mine-worker. After the state-wide shutting down of mines in Goa her father lost even his meager income. Shubali is very competent in both football and judo. She already owns a pair of football shoes courtesy a proud and encouraging father. She has made a simple request of a Judo Gi to the Passion Fruit Foundation which we have most willingly obliged to.

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